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Welcome to the neutron therapy website

The site is a developing online resource devoted to neutron therapy. A new page has been added to show the worldwide centres and their patient throughput. Please review and advise any corrections or comments as requested in the note on that page.

We recently received authoritative tables of basic data on active Fast Neutron facilities and on BNCT facilities which have treated patients between 2002 and 2011. To view these which were kindly supplied from FRM II, please click here. There have been 30,000 patients treated with Fast Neutrons worldwide and some 1,000 with BNCT.

This website is intended to be a resource for those interested in neutron therapy. It aspires to become a single access point to information about neutron therapy for radiation oncologists, radiotherapists, tumour specialists, medical physicists, radiobiologists and others specialising in cancer treatment.

It should also prove useful for patients, carers and the general reader with an interest in the treatment of certain tumour types with neutrons. If you want to know something of the history of neutron therapy, follow this link.

FNDA 2011

In case you might be there, neutron medical therapy is reported to be on the programme at FNDA 2011

Neutrons for Therapy Meeting

Held in Cape Town on October 12th 2009 — for more information click here. An important paper presented in the main meeting can be found on the Science Direct website.

Opinions are divided on neutron therapy

To say that opinions are divided on neutron therapy may be an understatement. At Fermilab in Chicago, in Detroit and in Seattle in the United States, at iThemba LABS in South Africa, at the Centres at Snezhinsk and Tomsk in Russia routine treatment of patients using neutron therapy continues. In Munich, the new research reactor FRM II at Garching has now treated 80 patients since it came on stream in June 2007 (visit the FRMII website). The wonderful work by Dr Jeff Forman and his team treating principally patients with prostate cancer is now restarted – see the news item on our ‘news links‘ page. The treatment facility at Essen in Germany is closed for major maintenance work – meanwhile patients are referred to the South African centre near Cape Town in an exciting collaboration.

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